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Tax Credits, Incentives & Savings

ComEd Rebates

Heating & Cooling Rebates

Upgrade your heating and cooling systems to boost your energy efficiency and save with ComEd Rebates when a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider installs these home improvements.

Equipment Type Maximum Rebate Amount*
Central Air Conditioner ≥ 18 SEER $600
Central Air Conditioner ≥ 16 SEER $400
Central Air Conditioner ≥ 15 SEER $300
Furnace Blower Motor (ECM) Upgrade fan in an existing furnace or air handler $100
Furnace Blower Motor (ECM) Factory Installed $50
Air Source Heat Pump ≥ 18 SEER $600
Air Source Heat Pump ≥ 16 SEER $500
Air Source Heat Pump ≥ 14.5 SEER $400
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump ≥ 17 SEER and ≥ 9.5 HSPF $400

SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
SEER ratings measure the efficiency of equipment. When comparing different air conditioning units, a higher SEER rating indicates a more energy efficient system.

HSPF = Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
HSPF is the ratio of the heat output of the system measured over the heating season compared to the electricity used by the system. The higher the HSPF rating of a unit, the more energy efficient it is.

*To receive ComEd Rebates for the qualifying heating and cooling systems, installations must be completed by a ComEd Service Provider.

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Nicor Energy Smart Program

Rebates for your home

High-efficiency products use less energy and can save you money. Rebates for energy efficiency upgrades are available to all current residential Nicor Gas customers.

Equipment Type Maximum Rebate Amount*
Furnaces ≥ 97% AFUE Furnace + $175
Furnaces ≥ 95% AFUE Furnace + $150
Boilers ≥ 95% AFUE Boiler + $350

AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency