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Hurst Heating & Coolingstarstarstarstarstar4.6 / 5

69 Total Reviews /files//hurst-logo.png815-757-4383$102 Pacific St, Monroe Center IL

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Hurst Heating & Cooling

Hurst Heating & Cooling/files//hurst-logo.png$815-757-4383102 Pacific St, Monroe Center IL
Hurst Heating & Cooling/files//hurst-logo.png815-757-4383$102 Pacific St, Monroe Center IL starstarstarstarstar 4.6 / 5 | 69 Total Reviews

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Hurst Heating & Cooling/files//hurst-logo.png$102 Pacific St, Monroe Center IL 815-757-4383"I called your company just to recharge my AC unit with refrigerant. He showed up. Inspected the AC unit, find out the motor was bad, then he quickly gave some information about a brand new whole unit, about $4,300. I didn't go that way, then he charged me $80.00 just to quote me, he not even bother to review the unit. He even mentioned that it will be a charge of $500 just to change the motor. I went myself and bought the motor, contactor and the capacitor for exactly $180.00. I don't blame the technician, but the company they charge exorbitant amount of money, there's no more service driven companies. I WILL NEVER,EVER CALL THIS COMPANY AGAIN, this is why I gave you ONE star. "
from Davis Junction , IL on July 7th, 2022
5 (1 / 5)
Hurst Heating & Cooling/files//hurst-logo.png$102 Pacific St, Monroe Center IL 815-757-4383"The first thing I asked your service tech was, do you work on Boilers for hot water heat, and he said, yes I do! We’ll as I found out, he’s doesn’t know anything about boilers. He had to keep calling his employer for advise. He said the thermostat was bad, then the wiring was bad, both turned out to be in working order, after I spent money on new ones! Then he should me how to cycle the system a certain way, charged me $120, and said, if this doesn’t work for you, we’ll make it right, and left! Come to find out after running the system through his cycle, several times it didn’t work, and after three phone calls over a week, with no return calls, I give these Scammers Zero stars!"
from , IL on January 19th, 2022
5 (1 / 5)
Hurst Heating & Cooling/files//hurst-logo.png$102 Pacific St, Monroe Center IL 815-757-4383"Left work early to wait for a technician that never came. I realize sometimes this happens but there was no one who contacted me to apologize and to tell me that the technician was running late. After an hour and 22 mins of waiting I cancelled the appointment as I had somewhere to be. "
from Byron, IL on June 3rd, 2021
5 (1 / 5)